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Welcome to Partners in Play Preschool

Serving 2-1/2 to 5-year-old children

Located in Golden, CO


We accept CCCAP (Colorado Child Care Assistance Program)



Universal Preschool (UPK) (15hrs/wk paid tuition for children ages 4+)



We work as a 3-way partnership


Provides play-based learning through a mix of child-directed and teacher-directed activities.


Relationships formed with families help guide the care of their most valuable assest: their child.


Christian morals and values build social and emotional character.

A child's job is to play

Just Go Ahead and Play

"Children are very capable of playing with intensity and creativity but the way they play is different from older children. They play in the moment, with the ideas that come to them from their experiences or the environment."

 - (Community Play Things)

Your child's brain is wired to learn. 

So, it is our job as teachers to create and share experiences and activities to help them learn in all of the Early Childhood Learning Domains; Social, Emotional, Physical, Cognitive, Language, and Creative Expression.

We learn

as we


When we play we have fun

Play equips children to:

  • Inquire, Explore, and Learn,

  • Ask valid and significant Questions,

  • Be Thoughtful and Intentional,

  • Be Scientific (hypothesize, experiment, and form conclusions),

  • Be Imaginative, Creative, Active and Dramatic,

  • Understand Math, Reading, and Writing,

  • Interact Socially, Collaboratively, and Productively, in a way that is

  • Rewarding and FUN!

One Simple Rule:

"Treating Others How We Would Like to Be Treated"

helps build character through Christian morals and values. A true partnership of Parents & Children, Teachers, and a Loving & Forgiving God.

Christian morals build character

Our Mission

At Partners in Play Preschool, we foster a love of learning and ignite a child's curiosity through play, with Christian morals and values, and by providing developmentally appropriate activities and experiences.

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